An eclectic mix of local off-beat stores

The Loom, a renovated textile mill in a prime, central Bushwick location, addresses the need for clean and modern retail facilities in this blooming area. If you' re looking for an affordable, yet highly creative space, this is it! Become part of the Bushwick artist community and let your creative business flourish! Over the past few years, a variety of artists and musicians have migrated to the area to pursue their respective passions, transforming the area into a rejuvenated community of creative individuals.

The ground floor of The Loom building, the SHOPS at The Loom Arts and Commerce complex, consists of 21 unique storefront spaces. The storefronts combine a classic Brooklyn industrial aesthetic with fresh lines and updated accents, featuring original tin ceilings and an innovative layout for driving retail business. The SHOPS at The Loom offer a unique setup for maximizing exposure to prospective customers, with interior entrances facing the common areas of the mall and exterior sidewalk entrances facing the street.

SHOPS at The Loom features 16-foot-wide interior hallways, and a 4000 sqft exterior courtyard with European style cobblestones, ivy, trees, free WiFi, and benches to lounge on. It is designed to be a dynamic retail destination as well as a central meeting place for the surrounding neighborhood, where residents and visitors can stop by and hang out. The SHOPS vary in size and shape and many can be built out and/or combined to suit your needs. Each space is equipped with its own heat and separate electric (100 Amps including a 220V line.) Be a part of Bushwick's rennaissance and snag a space in time for the Grand Opening of this new commercial development.

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Shops at the Loom

Bushwick Market at The Loom

The Loom
1087 Flushing Ave
Brooklyn NY 11237


 - The Living Gallery!
Brooklyn Creative Studio
Brooklyn Creative Studio - Take Classes and Learn a New Craft At Brooklyn Creative Studios
Bushwick Food Coop
Bushwick Food Coop - The Bushwick Food Coop is a community of passionate sustainable food lovers, working together to be able to shop for the ethical food we love affordably.
Bushy Tails
Bushy Tails - Bushy Tails Pet Supplies NOW OPEN!!!
Chabad House
Chabad House - Chabad of Bushwick
Gnostic Tattoo
Gnostic Tattoo - Gnostic Tattoo
House of La Rue bk
House of La Rue bk - Street and Stage wear, Accessories, Jewelry,Mehron Makeup,Wigs, Heels, Hats, and more.
Kave Espresso Bar and Event Space
Kave Espresso Bar and Event Space - KÁVÉ Espresso bar & Event Space
Loom Boutique
Loom Boutique - Memberships, yoga supplies and more!
Loom Yoga Center
Loom Yoga Center - Yoga, Pilates and Various Workshops
North Brooklyn Cycles
North Brooklyn Cycles - NBKC is Bushwick and East Williamsburgs 's #1 New and Used Bike shop.
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The Loom Group
The Loom Group - Brooklyn's Most Reliable Rental Agency. We make finding apartments fun & easy.
The Courtyard
The Courtyard

Shops at the Loom

Shops at the Loom

The Loom
1087 Flushing Ave
Brooklyn NY 11237


Bushwick transforms from notorious Brooklyn crime spot to arty, hipster - and tourist - hangout

     Along Troutman, Starr, Wyckoff and other streets, artwork decorates old factories, warehouses and even small apartment buildings. There\'s everything from a portrait of Pakistani education activist Malala Yousafzai to a picture of a flotation device with the words: “Street art saved my life.” On a recent afternoon, several young men chose a mural of the late rapper Biggie Smalls as a backdrop for filming a music video. “I was looking for good artwork and this caught my eye,” said the video\'s 20-year-old star, who goes by the name Flispy Flexin. You may see artists at work with spray paint, stencils, ladders and other tools of the trade, and you can sign up for a Bushwick street art tour through Free Tours By Foot, where participants pay what they wish for tours. Organisers estimate some 500 people have taken the two-hour “New York Graffiti and Street Art Tour” since it launched on March 1. Mr Ficalora also organises an annual street festival showcasing artists, musicians and others contributing to the neighbourhood\'s renaissance. It\'s planned for June 1 on Troutman between Wyckoff and St Nicholas.  (read more...)

Bushwick\'s Street Art And Trendy Shops Make It The Next Hipster Hotspot In Brooklyn

     Archie Broady owns a boutique at Shops at the Loom named for his mother, Iola. In his store, he says, \"anybody should be able to find something beautiful.\" His eclectic wares and \"found objects\" range from hand-cranked candles wound around a coil, to bandages designed to match various skin colors.  (read more...)

Street art and trendy cafes in Bushwick, Brooklyn

     NEW YORK — For the last few years, a neighborhood called Williamsburg has been the epicenter of Brooklyn cool. But with prices for Williamsburg condos hitting $4 million and up, young creative types are migrating to trendier — and less expensive — ground. They seem to have found it in nearby Bushwick, known for colorful street art (please don’t call it graffiti!) and kale pizza at a place called Roberta’s.  (read more...)

New York City\'s neighbourhoods worth a visit
     Located in a renovated textile mill, the Shops at the Loom is home to roughly 20 businesses, from a yoga centre to cafes and boutiques.  (read more...)

Something About The Mystery
Bushwick Community DarkRoom
     In a world where squared pixels reign over optical grain, where recessed software all but forgets the dialed filter and ‘processing’ brings to mind post-production rather than chemical conjuration, Lucia Rollow and her Darkroom offer all the nostalgia a kid could ask for.  (read more...)

Church of Latterday Tats
by Bushwick Nation
     The latest opening at the Loom Shops is Gnostic Tattoo. Like the name implies, the artists there are about more than decoration. The studio represents a tattoo culture with a deep, almost religious, connection between body and ink.  (read more...)

Shops at The Loom: 18 Perfect Holiday Gifts

      The Loom is a big loft building on 1087 Flushing Ave, groundfloor of which is a home to 20 lovely stores. We took a walk and hand-picked the nicest gift ideas for you.  (read more...)

Art and music are \'Living\' in Bushwick
Music and art are colliding in North Brooklyn
     Music and art are colliding in North Brooklyn, and artist and singer Nyssa Frank is celebrating the collaboration in her new Living Gallery in Bushwick. The Living Gallery, located in the Loom art space at 1087 Flushing Avenue, held its debut event on Sunday, April 1, featuring pieces and theatrical performances from local artists.  (read more...)

5 Alternative Education Spots
The Living Gallery
     This past Sunday, the Loom in Bushwick was teeming with enthusiastic artists, musicians, and the like who chose to put the April Fooleries on hold as the Living Gallery opened its doors to the public for the first time with the group show BORN. Nyssa Frank, the curator and director of the Living Gallery, transformed the space from a jungle of sculptures and debris into what is now a hub for anything from live music to densely curated art shows to an alternative and quirky classroom.  (read more...)

Your ABC Guide to A Day Out in Bushwick: Acrobatics, Brunch, Booze, and Crafts
Get Pretty
     Once you’re fed and watered, head towards The Loom (1087 Flushing Avenue) a collection of twenty-one unique shops. The Loom is Bushwick’s take on a mall, where you could easily spend an entire day, with some of the neighborhood’s coolest independent vendors, and a huge cobblestone and ivy-accented courtyard with benches and free WiFi.  (read more...)

Nail That Trend!
Loud fingertips are the latest accessory, and nail-art parties the new cocktails with the girls
     On a recent Sunday in Bushwick at the Tomahawk Salon (10 Porter Ave., Brooklyn; 646-399-6873, manicurist/painter Fleury Rose was holding court at an end-of-the-year nail party for her most loyal customers. Read more:   (read more...)

A Reason to Shop: Five Things We Like In Stores Now
Tie Dye Doll Ring from Nouveau-Vieux
       (read more...)

Better than Jam, The Loom in Brooklyn

     A couple weeks ago my roommate and I visited The Loom in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The Loom is a cooperative building for creative professionals; loft spaces, artistic neighbors and just enough grit for street cred . The first floor of the building has plenty of open space, what looks like a makeshift bar with an old fashioned cash register, drew me in.  (read more...)

Tomahawk Salon Carves Out a New Niche

     Bushwick is proving to be a welcome environment for entrepreneurs of all kinds and The Loom is home to many. Tomahawk Salon and Boutique has been open since early summer, featuring full salon services as well as clothing and accessories from emerging designers. Haircut-hoppers can end their search for the perfect cut, right here off Flushing Avenue  (read more...)

Halloween may be over, but the dead live on
     Staff members at Shops at the Loom, the newly renovated textile mill in Bushwick that houses a slew of quirky local stores, have been hosting an event on the first Friday of every month to draw in customers.   (read more...)

Brooklyn Independent channel

     With 21 Individual spaces reserved for independent retailers, free WiFi, a cobblestone courtyard and benches to lounge on, this is not your typical mini mall.  (read more...)

Undead Strut At Zombie Fashion Show

     Did you think that the zombie stuff would go away now that Halloween is over? If so, then you clearly don\'t know how popular donning fake blood and walking with a limp has become with the 18-25 crowd.  (read more...)

Freaks come out at Night
Zombie Fashion Show
     I had the liberty of attending the ZOMBIE fashion show at the LOOM in Bushwick this past weekend. The participating designers were Karin from Better than Jam, Catherine from HIMANE and Tyler’s fabulous vintage store Closet Envi. Hair and Make-Up done by Tomahawk Salon. Super freaky!  (read more...)

The Loom
Neighborhood Beat
     With 21 Individual spaces reserved for independent retailers, free WiFi, a cobblestone courtyard and benches to lounge on, this is not your typical mini mall.  (read more...)

Ten things we love about Shops at the Loom
Time Out NY - Aug 19-25, 2010
     This Bushwick, Brooklyn, indoor mini mall is brimming with handmade clothing, bargain vintage and industrial home decor.   (read more...)

Amid Warehouses, Gourmet Sandwiches, Yoga Classes and Yarn
July 2, 2010, Bushwick Journal
     For years there wasn’t much to see on this industrial block near the border of Bushwick and East Williamsburg. Welders sprayed iron sparks inside Metro Hi-Tech Steel and Builders, and garbage trucks dumped trash into the BFI Waste Systems warehouse. But lately, there are cloth-covered tables, fresh kiwis and avocados in baskets and vintage mopeds lining the sidewalk.  (read more...)

Streetlevel: New Boutique for Bushwick
January 20, 2010,
      A new clothing boutique is coming to the The Loom building on Flushing Avenue in Bushwick. Called Better Than Jam, the new shop will feature a variety of clothing, jewelry, and accessories from NYC-based designers. The store will open on February 1, with an opening party scheduled for February 5.  (read more...)

Can The Loom Spin a New Scene in Bushwick?
by Aaron Short, A Short Story, June 16th, 2009
     Let's start with the name Bushburg. An amalgamation of Bushwick and Williamsburg, the property management company's name implies having one foot in two worlds: an ascetic manufacturing-zoned landscape pockmarked by artist lofts and a gentrified, retail-driven culturally dense neighborhood.  (read more...)

New York: Get hip to Bushwick
Head to the borough of Bushwick in Brooklyn for a thriving underground scene, says Mark C O'Flaherty,
     While other Big Apple 'cool spots' rapidly lose their hip currency the minute they are uncovered, Bushwick, so far, has managed to keep hold of its underground vibe. It's true that the streets may look deserted and edgy at times but, come the weekend, there are often colourful, all-night warehouse parties in abundance.  (read more...)

The Loom
May 12th, 2009 at 1:28 pm,
     On Saturday afternoon, New Yorkers flowed in from across the boroughs to celebrate the completion of Bushwick's up-and-coming Loom Arts and Commerce complex (1087 Flushing Ave between Knickerbocker and Porter Aves), a massive 25,000-foot Chelsea Market-esque space that promises to emerge as Flushing Avenue's newest see-and-be-scenester spot.  (read more...)

Developer hopes mini-mall will create nabe
June 30, 2009 11:10AM,
      Joseph Hoffman, president of developer Bushburg Properties, hopes that Bushwick's new mini-mall, the Loom at 100 Thames Street, off Knickerbocker Avenue, will make the neighborhood a stronger retail destination.   (read more...)

Is Bushwick ready for a mini-mall?
By Jacob Kleinman, for The Brooklyn Paper
     Everyone knows that Bushwick has arrived--but will the shoppers follow? The developer of a project that will bring 20 new shops to the often-hyped, but still largely underdeveloped, neighborhood certainly hopes so.  (read more...)

Shops at the Loom

Bushwick Market at The Loom

The Loom
1087 Flushing Ave
Brooklyn NY 11237